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Philo is a powerful content-management system built with Django. It manages web sites, simple and complex.

Philo is designed by and for web developers. Web developers who don't like compromise.

Initially developed for Oberlin College, Philo meets changing and complex needs gracefully. To learn more, read the documentation.

Philo-Powered web sites

Put container tags in your template.
Edit the contentlets on the page.
See the results on your site!

Philo provides core web features—such as page editing, seen above—and a foundation for building complex web sites and applications.

Batteries Included

Following Python and Django’s “batteries included” philosophy, Philo includes a number of optional modules that simplify common web site structures. These are located in philo.contrib and include the following:

  • Penfield Blog and newsletter management.
  • Shipherd Powerful site navigation.
  • Sobol Custom web and database searches.
  • Waldo Custom authentication systems.
  • (in development) Gilbert Alternative admin built on Ext JS.
  • (in development) Julian Calendar and events system.
  • (in development) Edmonia Asset management.
  • (in development) Bartleby Form generation and handling.
  • (planned) Forums.
  • (planned) Wikis.

Install Philo

pip install philo

Get Involved

Philo is still under heavy development. If you’re a Python/Django developer, help out by learning more and contributing.